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Enhanced Safety and Compliance Training

Provide effective safety and compliance training and software that seamlessly helps your organization train, track and report.

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Enhanced HOP and HRO Training

Provide Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) and High Reliability Organization (HRO) training that helps solve your organizational challenges.

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Relief From Undesirable Events

Provide assessments and collaboration with your organization to create effective and immediate behavior change in your employees.

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You Deserve Sustainability

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Like you, we understand the challenges and lack of long term sustainable solutions for safety, performance and high reliability.

Major Components Fuel Channels

"Trigger Training was the best behavioral training I have been exposed to in the nuclear industry. It was practical and informative while providing achievable measures to improve organizational performance. This is exactly the content that we need to help achieve zero-event operations and continue to strengthen our safety culture for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your effort to put this together and make it available to our staff."

Shawn Lowe
Major Components Fuel Channels

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At the Bechtel Pueblo Team we have a small margin for human error...Trigger Training has enabled us to make it crystal clear to our employees when they are in a state of uncertainty and that they need to stop and seek assistance from their supervisor.

Brian Ramdwar
Deputy Plant Manager, PCAPP

Safety Instruct provided a fresh approach to our training by producing a custom video series which not only highlighted our safety and compliance with BESCO employees, but was also competitively priced. They listened thoroughly to our needs, while providing insight into additional areas we could improve on, with the end result being a far superior product than we expected.

Eric Hickam
Vice President, BESCO